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Uganda's Top Destinations

It's sounds like a surprise to mention that Uganda is one of the safest African country to travel, yes because we live in it. Home to the tallest mountain ranges, largest freshwater lake and source of the longest river and of course half of the last remaining mountain gorillas live here. Obviously tracking the mountain gorilla is the biggest crowd puller but you can also catch sight of the big African game in Murchison or Queen Elizabeth National Park. Kenya, What?

Uganda. Just the sound of the word conjures up images of wild places teaming with wildlife and huge open plains. Encounters with the Big Fivelion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo — are enough to get many visitors hooked. But there’s also great joy in having an expert guide introduce you to the minutiae of the insect world or in sleeping under the stars at a bush camp. Our Africa safari specialists frequently visit these parts to hone their knowledge of the region, and they can tailor an African safari that’s right for you



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Rwanda's Top Destinations

Rwanda went through some of the most gruesome times of the modern world in the 90's but that just put this small Eastern country on a great path to growth. Today Rwanda is celebrated as one of the top African destination because of how fast they've come to show off their ability to recover and compete in the tourism industry with the giant African safari neighbors like Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Outback Adventure Safaris traverses Rwanda's top destinations and takes you to some of the country's celebrated gems. Like for example the magnificent mountain gorillas found in the country's northern misty jungles of Volcanoes National Park. You can't resist this rich jungle of myriad species on a visit to Rwanda, no way. You're most probably going to be going through the capital Kigali, make sure you catch some of the unmissable cultures of Africa's cleanest city. Akagera National Park displays the country's only savanna wildlife and the white sand beaches on Lake Kivu are what the doctor ordered for your holiday relaxation after an adventure in the jungle.

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