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River Nile White Water Rafting 2019

White Water Rafting along River Nile in Uganda is one of the best ways you can explore the ancient Jinja town during your adventure safari in Uganda. Jinja is a town in eastern Uganda that boasts of having the source of river Nile. The white water rafting and kayaking sessions are adventure safari activities in Jinja that usually start early in the morning (08:00 am) ending in the late afternoon about (03:00 pm).

Grades of white-water rafting

According to the International Scale of River Difficulty, there are six grades of difficulty in white water rafting, that range from simple to very dangerous and potential death or serious injuries.

Grade 1: These are small waterfalls that require slight basic manoeuvring, an adventure that can be undertaken by first-time adventure travellers.

Grade 2: These are somehow located at rough water edges, with some bit of rocks that might require basic paddling skills to manoeuvre.

Grade 3: These are small waterfalls though sometimes may be in form of small drops but with no harm at all. Rafting along Grade 3 rapids requires a slightly minimal degree of experience.

Grade 4: These are white waterfalls having slight waves with some rocks along their path however they contain sharp manoeuvres thereby requiring exceptional rafting experience.

Grade 5: These are whitewater large waves with large volume, pathed along large rocks and hazards with a possibility of a large drop along the rafting route. The Grade 5 rapids require precise manoeuvring and Full mastery of rafting.

Grade 6: The grade 6 rapids are known to be one of the toughest of the rafting activity, majorly unnavigable if we are to consider safe basis. The Nile Rafters should expect to experience substantial whitewater falls, huge waves and substantial drops that will give adventure seekers, severe impacts on almost all rafting equipment. A raft along the Grade 6 rapid has a likelihood of causing serious injuries and possibly death occurrence as compared to other lower-level Grades.

White Water Rafting experience in Jinja, Uganda

Rafting starts with a briefing at the meeting point, as you enjoy a warm cup of coffee, a team of professional guides will be introduced to you. Different protective gears that include a crash helmet and life jacket are made available to the clients. You will later set off driving to the starting point which is usually below Bujagali falls. No rafting experience is required for this activity as the team will take you through the pros and cons prior to the start of the rafting experience on the waters of river Nile.

The thrills and spills experience down the turbulent Nile River waterfalls will get you screaming with excitement as the falls get your adrenaline flowing, and is one experience that you will leave to remember, the rapids create a memorable time and the package comes with photos, lunch, plus a few drinks provided by the company. The rafting experience is adventure-packed, full of fun with many possibilities of networking and does not require any prior training to participate.

On a water rafting trip, there is nothing exhilarating like a grade 5 white water rafting along the Nile. The grade 5 water rafting is quite challenging with constant screams from adventure seekers and as you get close to it, you will eventually be sucked in and back out again.

Nile River Cruises at Jinja

A motorized marine boat cruise will offer you quite interesting hours to relax on River Nile. We do arrange a host of River Nile Cruises starting from Bujagaali at the Explorers River Camp and here you will explore the source of the longest river in the world.

A riverboat cruise is a perfect way to explore the source of the longest river in the world and also enjoy a sunset cruise on the River Nile. We have a variety of cruises which all start from Explorers River Camp at Bujagaali and explore the beginning of the world’s longest river. Whether you are a large group or small we have a cruise that will suit you. The Nile Explorer, our two storey pontoon boat is a great way for groups both large and small to spend time together.

Grade 3 Full Day Raft & Riverboard

The Grade 3 full day raft and river board is ideal for a One-day river rafting trip in the Nile. This grade is recommended and ideal for adventure lovers aged as young as fourteen years including those that want a relaxed white water rafting, not beyond the grade 5 rapids.

On your Grade 3 raft and riverboard trip, expect to experience safe swim pools, birding islands, white water action, warm water sports as well as fishermen along the Nile that will combine fun and adventure for a perfect family and friends adventure on the Nile. At the end of the raft trip, you will have time to relax as you enjoy the Nile river surroundings. This trip comes with free photo services from the accredited expert photographer.

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